Edward Amos Ph.D.
clinical psychologist


Edward Amos is a Memphis based psychologist with over 20 years post-doctoral experience. Dr. Amos has traditionally worked within the broad fields of medical psychology and working with clients seeking to maximize personal effectiveness on the job and in personal relationships. The approach is a very pragmatic, no-nonsense, behaviorally based method designed to take full advantage of therapy time. The general framework is a cognitive behavioral one, brief therapy mode, with a general philosophy that one can use a psychologist the same way one uses their physicians-there if you need them, but not to just see regularly for socialization. Hence, most clients see Dr. Amos every few weeks, and not weekly except under very atypical circumstances.

This office works closely with various physician practices. Dr. Amos is available for consult for pre-surgical evaluations for such things as bariatric surgery, pain management techniques (such as spinal cord stimulators) and organ transplantation. In particular, this office works closely with the office of George Woodman, MD, bariatric surgeon. You can visit Dr. Woodman’s web site at www.midsouthbariatrics.com. Dr. Amos has performed literally thousands of pre-surgical evaluations and is quite experienced in responding to the needs of physicians, third-party payers, and of course, the patient. Dr. Amos is also available for consult for patients with concern about cognitive decline, if referred by a physician. We do offer follow-up counseling appointments for anyone going through life transitions brought on by illness or surgery. In particular, many patients seek services after bariatric surgery to assist in the adjustment to a new lifestyle-usually a very positive adjustment, and one that is often enhanced by discussion with an experienced psychologist. Dr. Amos does lead every other support group for MidSouth Bariatrics and patients are welcome to attend at no charge. Please see Dr. Woodman’s web site for dates and times.

Dr. Amos also works with clients seeking to improve job performance and enhance personal characteristics to maximize abilities. This is often referred to as personal or executive coaching. This is not considered a health-related type of psychological intervention and insurance is not billed for these services. These assessments consist of a brief battery consisting of a higher level cognitive test, and personality testing designed for the business, not the psychiatric or medical population. Once the assessment is completed, coaching services can be scheduled in the office or over the phone at mutually convenient times. Additionally, through our affiliation with Performance Management Associates, a human resources consulting firm, we are available to assist employers in personnel selection issues and enhancing employee performance. If needed, we can assist with Fitness for Duty examinations, having performed many of these assessments, including for the United States Postal Service.

As a rule, Dr. Amos does not see children or adolescents less than 17. Also, substance abuse is not considered an area of expertise, and Dr. Amos refers these patients to other resources in the community. We do not do forensic evaluations, custody evaluations or any other work of a legal nature. Dr. Amos does not take cases that are primarily marital counseling in nature.

If you are interested in scheduling a time for evaluation with Dr. Amos, please call our office Monday through Thursday between the hours of 9 AM and 3 PM. You also can email us at any time, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We appreciate your interest in the psychologist practice of Edward Amos, Ph.D.