Edward Amos Ph.D.
clinical psychologist

Payment Information


You are responsible for paying your fees and co-payments at the time of your appointment, unless you have spoken with your psychologist to make other payment arrangements.

  • The charge of an initial diagnostic/psychotherapy appointment is $200. Additionally psychotherapy sessions are billed $175 (for 50 minute session).
  • Psychological testing is billed at the rate of $175/hour, including time for scoring and interpreting test data, and time required in writing a report.
  • If you require your psychologist to write a letter or report to document your participation or progress in psychotherapy (e.g. for probation officer or attorney), there is a charge of $80. Please note: This $80 fee cannot be billed to your insurance: you must pay the fee in advance of the requested letter or report.

Payment Arrangements

Self Pay
If you do not have health insurance, or if you choose not to use your health insurance for payment of mental health services, you are responsible for paying for your session at the beginning of the session. You may pay in cash or by check, MasterCard®, or Visa®.

Medicaid, Medicare and Health Insurance
Your health insurance policy may cover part of the cost of your psychotherapy. As a service to your, our office staff will take your insurance information and contact your insurance company to verify or to pre-certify your mental health benefit. However, Optimum Behavioral Health cannot be responsible for incorrect information obtained from your insurance company; it is your responsibility to contact your insurance company to verify your mental health benefits.

As a service to your, our office staff will file insurance claims for reimbursement for psychotherapy services provided to you. However, you have responsibility for any unpaid portion of your bill, if your insurance company fails to pay for the services provided to you. You will receive a statement of your account at the end of each month.

Many insurance plans include a yearly deductible amount, that is, before insurance will cover any cost of services, the individual must have paid for a certain amount of services received. For example, if your insurance policy has a $300 deductible, you must pay the first $300 in costs of medical/mental health services, before your insurance will pay for any services that are billed.

Please note: If you authorize Optimum Behavioral Health to file insurance claims for mental health services you receive, you are authorizing your psychologist to provide basis information to your insurance company regarding your condition and your treatment (i.e. your symptoms, diagnosis, treatment plan).